Amazon Kindle the Business Tool …How to use it for increased business travel productivity(revised-082508)

Amazon Kindle the Business Tool ...How to use it for increased business travel productivity(revised-082508)

Learn EVERYTHING Kindle can do as a business tool, we show you how and where: Business justifications; FREE eBooks FREE AudioBooks, all useful shortcuts, Email, Document review, Presentation, Speaker Notes, Graphic slideshows, SMS Texting, Text to Speech, Convert PDFs, batch processing conversions, Reduce eyestrain; Airline check-ins; Find restaurants using Google or Zagat; how to get Kindle’s GPS geolocation to really work. Use GPS and lookups while traveling, check news and airport weather, Protect Your Kindle, and get free content and supporting software. All of the information that you need for business use of a Kindle, and nothing not relevant

… All up-to-date information as of August 25, 2008. Completely indexed for fast lookups.

Written by a seasoned Marketing and IT executive, after seven months of personal hands-on testing, this focused and no nonsense eBook covers exactly what you need to have Kindle fully become your little white PDA, and your essential traveling companion where a laptop or phone just can’t do it.

You’ll learn best ways to get YOUR business content onto your Kindle; all about annotations and note taking, and even better, how to understand and use Kindle’s powerful searches to the maximum to find and refer to them later; even how to index your own documents for most convenient use.

Includes where to get FREE EBOOKS you can download wirelessly on the fly and how to use and listen to Audio Books — even make your own Audio Books for free so instead of reading your own downloaded business content, notes, or unprotected eBooks you can also listen to them while driving or exercising.

New: Full index and Embedded JumpLinks throughout the eBook let you click after looking at any section and takes you right back to the table of contents and better, to a complete and detailed alphabetized topic index.

You’re buying a living document. This is in 3rd edition with more to come. Updated copies are all FREE re-downloads to you after your initial purchase. Did we omit something you need or want? We’ll truly appreciate your review and request. Do a brief review right here on this Amazon page — suggest topic or tip additions. We may well explore, test and add them shortly. And then you’ll get them free below:

This is edition 3 revised 08/25/08 …We do updates after we receive reviews, explore and test new things. Buy it once; then re-download the very latest version any time. It’s FREE! (On your laptop click your “Manage Your Kindle” page tab at Amazon Kindle Store: click “View Your Media Library”; in your book list click this book and select “send wirelessly”.) (Or, do it easily on the run: on your Kindle’s home page menu, simply open Content Manager; find this book, click to mark it, and on the menu choose “remove from Kindle”. No worry, it stays in your Content Manager list because Amazon knows you bought it — but now it shows stored at “Amazon” instead of on your Kindle or SD card. Click to check it again and use Content Manager’s menu to “move to Kindle memory”) It instantly re-downloads wirelessly over Whispernet … and you have the latest edition updates.

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