Breaking Through: Second Star

Breaking Through: Second Star

This is not a fairy tale.

Sixty-six days is all fighter pilot John McNeal has left on his service contract, after that his combat days will be over for good.

If he survives that long.

After a mysterious rift in the fabric of spacetime strands him on an alien world John must join forces with some unlikely heroes to have a chance of surviving. He soon discovers that this strange new world isn’t alien at all, but this is not the land of pixies, pirates or boys who don’t grow old.

There is hope, however, someone has been here before and returned to tell about it, all John has to do is figure out how they got back home. It won’t be easy, this world is not the fairy tale he remembers and he will have to fight to get home.

Second Star: Breaking Through is the introductory novella into my Second Star series and is approx. 25k words long.

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