Easy Linux Device Driver, Second Edition: First Step Towards Device Driver Programming

Easy Linux Device Driver, Second Edition: First Step Towards Device Driver Programming

Easy Linux Device Driver :“First Step Towards Device Driver Programming”

Easy Linux Device Driver book is an easy and friendly way of learning device driver programming . Book contains all latest programs along with output screen screenshots. Highlighting important sections and stepwise approach helps for quick understanding of programming . Book contains Linux installation ,Hello world program up to USB 3.0 ,Display Driver ,PCI device driver programming concepts in stepwise approach. Program gives best understanding of theoretical and practical fundamentals of Linux device driver. Beginners should start learning Linux device driver from this book to become device driver expertise.
–Topics Covered in book–
*Introduction of Linux
Advantages of Linux
History of Linux
Architecture of Linux
*Ubuntu installation
Ubuntu Installation Steps
User Interface Difference
Important links
*Terminal: Soul of Linux
Creating Root account
Terminal Commands
Virtual Editor Commands
*Linux Kernel
Linux Kernel Internals
Kernel Space and User space
*Device Driver
Place of Driver in System
Device Driver working
*Characteristics of Device Driver
Module Commands
Hello World Program
Write Program
Printk function
Run program
*Parameter passing
Parameter passing program
Parameter Array
*Process related program
*Character Device Driver
Major and Minor number
API to registers a device
Program to show device number
Character Driver File Operations
File operation program.
Include .h header
Functions in module.h file
Important code snippets
Summary of file operations
*PCI Device Driver
Direct Memory Access
Module Device Table
Code for Basic Device Driver
Important code snippets
*USB Device Driver Fundamentals
Architecture of USB device driver
USB Device Driver program
Structure of USB Device Driver
Parts of USB end points
Important features
USB information Driver
*USB device Driver File Operations
Using URB
Simple data transfer
Program to read and write
Important code snippets
Gadget Driver
*Complete USB Device Driver Program
Skeleton Driver Program
*Special USB 3.0
USB 3.0 Port connection
Bulk endpoint streaming
Stream ID
*Device Driver Lock
Mutual Exclusion
Spin Lock
*Display Device Driver
Frame buffer concept
Framebuffer Data Structure
Check and set Parameter
Accelerated Method
Display Driver summary
*Memory Allocation
*Interrupt Handling
interrupt registration
Proc interface
Path of interrupt
Programming Tips
Softirqs, Tasklets, Work Queues
*I/O Control
Introducing ioctl
Stepwise execution of ioctl
*Sample Device Driver
Complete memory Driver
Complete Parallel Port Driver
*Device Driver Debugging
Data Display Debugger
Graphical Display Debugger
Kernel Graphical Debugger
*Appendix I
Exported Symbols
Kobjects, Ksets, and Subsystems

EasyLDD is best book for beginners to start learning Device Driver programming from basics. Anyone can just take a book and start programming.
Book is easy to understand and friendly to use as book has easy language and screenshot of actual output window along with detailed explanation of each program.
This book is integration of Author’s experimental programs, Latest programming concepts like USB3.0,Contains reference points from all Linux device Driver books and magazines.
Book has also collection of many programs available over websites, books and Linux community programs.
This book is first milestone towards learning driver programming in step-wise approach.
Book will build confidence in you so that you can easily jump in to any type of driver and start coding.
All the Best !

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