“APP DESIGN SECRETS” For Everyone,How To Instantly Create An Application For iOS and Android, Step-By-Step App Design, App Coding, Top Mobile App Development.: … Create your own application from scratch

Do you want to know how to create an application for iOS and android from scratch? with or without coding?
Do you know the things which you need to consider before creating an app?
Do you want to make an app to promote a business?
Should you make an iphone app/ android app or both?
Should the app be free? what kind of app should you make?
Do you want to assess the reasons why you should hire someone or learn how to make the app yourself?How much risk should you take when making an app?
Do you know the common concerns from people making an app for the first time? Do you know how to find out the need in the market?
What do people want from an app? What are they looking for in an app?
How can you help them solve their problems by using your available skills and resources and at the same time making profit?

but how?

The Answer is this amazing book

In this book “APP DESIGN SECRETS”serial techno-entrepreneur Anirudh kataria gives you exclusive premium access to the Ultimate Secrets behind the Success of the select group of apps that have easily achieved million-dollar success.
This is the ultimate guide the Top Notch App Development Course for creating ios/Android Apps Full Guide-THE GAME CRACKED

This book will teach you how to create the application for your business with easiest techniques possible and provide you with the best tools to help you understand the whole Application Developing Process
This book will explore and expose the hidden techniques used by Top App Developing companies by which they successfully and easily perform their Business Functions/Advertisement with the best available tools in the competitive markets to monitor and control the their profit

In this Book you will learn about –

Intro to Applications- Required software/hardware for creating app- Its advanced Coding/structures for both android and iOS.
Creating Prototypes.- Finalising the interface layout, checklist Plan
Back end of Your App- User accessibility testing UAT
App building designs- Checking the App and modifying Beta testing
Launching the App-Deployment and help App building structures
App store- App Development: The Things You Must Know The Hidden Costs involved- hardware-Software
Using Android Eclipse – ANDROID SDKDeveloper Accounts and Market Licenses
Designing the User Interface of your Apps Effectively Using mobile Screen with minimalism focus
Utilizing Data Hierarchy-Understanding App Users-Closure-Proximity-Similarity The Social Element of Mobile Apps- Using the ultimate Channels available-Effectiveness
Android Applications- Java Development Kit
How to Use Eclipse- The “src” folder- package Namespace” “occur Editor”
Using commands like- “GetExtra-PutExtra”
APP Marketing- Creating the ultimate iOS Applications- Best Tools-Required Hardware
Developer.apple.com – xCode and SDK
“infor.plist” The Interface of iOS application
The xCode development environment
“backstack” table views
“item Library” navigation controller
“VixensViewController” “viewDidLoad” DetailViewController class cellForRowAtIndexPath
viewDidLoad LeagueTableViewController-viewDidLoad code -performSegueWithIdentifier
“identity Inspector” Update
Avoiding App Rejection-Apple will outright reject your app if?
App description- Profit from iPhone Apps-Getting Approved-App Promotion
FLAUNTing- key tips Generating pre-release buzz-Entering app contest
The final destination of applications

Do you wanna Quit your 9-to-5 job & launch your start up?
If you’re a gifted developer & born entrepreneur who is intrigued by mobile technology
This book will show you what it really takes to create your own million dollar app

All of the above are explained with high quality examples and HD pictures by which even newbies can learn coding

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