BRAINtastic! Maths KS2 Part 1 (PC CD)

BRAINtastic! Maths KS2 Part 1 (PC CD)
  • Quality, multi-award winning educational software
  • Fun, exciting activities that motivate kids to learn
  • Content based solidly on the school curriculum
  • Children, parents and teachers love it!
  • You choose the content, your kids choose a cool reward game
  • Three games to choose from, Bugwhack, Extreme Fashion, Galactic Retrieval Squad
  • Key Stage, 2 (Part 1) 7-9 years

BRAINtastic has been developed to to motivate children to learn.

Simply login and complete the selected content to be rewarded for your efforts with time spent playing a fun reward game. BRAINtastic is a self-contained learning system that works alone or expands as other BRAINtastic titles are added.

Powerful diagnostic and reporting capabilities zero-in on your child’s learning needs.

Educational content is presented in a huge variety of question types including multiple choice, drag-and-drop, missing answer and more!

Develops core mathematical understandings.

Includes numeration, calculation methods, fractions, decimals, relative quantities (ratios), patterns and relationships, length, perimter, area, capacity, mass, time, position and direction, shapes and solids, timetable, charts and diagrams and more!

Fully correlated with the National Literacy Strategy – Key Stage Two

Contains approximately 3,000 teacher-created questions.

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