Disney Learning: Mickey Pre-School Adventures

Disney Learning: Mickey Pre-School Adventures
  • Develops over 40 essential skills
  • Develops perception, observation and listening skills
  • Explore cause and effect and problem solving skills
  • Fun filled work sheets extend learning fun beyond the computer
  • Skill levels automatically adjust as your child learns
  • Ages 2-4

Disney’s Pre-school Adventures with Mickey is a great CD-ROM developed for 2 to 4 year olds. The action starts with Mickey and Minnie happily driving along in an animated sequence. They run out of petrol and stop to fill up. This is where the fun starts, as the place they stop is full of activities.

The emphasis is less on education than it is on fun. For example in Goofy’s Body Shop you can build a car bringing the different parts together and painting your creation. Later you can sit in Huey, Dewey and Louie’s car playing around with windscreen wipers, fiddling with the glove compartment and indicators, tooting the horn at passing Disney characters and so on. There are also more traditional learning activities. Pop into the cafe, and you’ll find matching games, activities that teach about relative size, naming games and more.

Several children can register to use the software, and it tailors itself to their particular needs, so that the more adept won’t get frustrated by repeating tasks they’ve completed successfully. There is plenty for parents here too including on-board information pages explaining the reasoning behind each activity, listing the skills it teaches, and providing instructions on how to work with in each activity.

Disney’s Pre-school Adventures with Mickey is well worth a look. It is neatly designed, its activities have been thoughtfully put together, and the help for parents is a real plus. —Sandra Vogel

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