Free Software: How to Save $5000 on the Most Popular Software Titles

Free Software: How to Save 00 on the Most Popular Software Titles

Software can be very expensive… but only if you make the mistake of buying it!

Most computer users need a variety of software to handle tasks such as word processing, crunching numbers in a spreadsheet, handling their email, or managing personal finances. Other common activities include creating presenations, editing digital photos, updating a website, or installing security software.

In this ebook, 30 of the most popular commercial software packages are listed, along with the retail price of each. If you were to purchase all of them, it would cost over 00.

But most people don’t know the valuable secret you’re about to learn… there are excellent, FREE alternatives to ALL of these popular programs! If you’re still paying big bucks for your software, you absolutely need this information.

Here are some of the highlights that you’ll discover:

* FREE word processing software – compatible with Microsoft Word (save 9)

* FREE software to create images or retouch photos, with all the power of Adobe Photoshop (save 9)

* FREE Internet security software – the same anti-virus protection as Norton or McAfee (save )

* FREE presentation software – a powerful alternative to Powerpoint (save 9)

* FREE financial software – you’ll kick yourself for buying Quicken or QuickBooks (save )

About the Author: Bob Rankin is a translator for the technology impaired — a writer and computer programmer who enjoys exploring the Internet and explaining technology in plain English.

His work has appeared in Computer World, NY Newsday, and other publications.

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