Go Programming: Make it Easier with Step by Step Guide

Go Programming: Make it Easier with Step by Step Guide

This book is an exploration of the Go programming language. It begins by giving a brief overview of what Go programming language is.
The book then guides you on how to set up your environment ready for programming in Go.
The various data types that are supported in Go have been discussed in this book, thus, you will understand more about them and how to use them in your programs.
Variables, which are of essence in any programming language, have been explored in detail, and you will learn how to declare and initialize the various types of variables in Go.
The decision making statements supported in Go will also be explored. You will then learn how to make decisions based on conditions and control the flow of execution in your program.
Loops are also discussed.
You will learn how to execute some sections of your Go code repeatedly or even forever.
The use of functions in Go is explored in detail.
You will learn how to define, declare and pass parameters to functions, as well as how to work with structures in Go programming language.
Creation of interfaces concurrency, a new feature in Go, and its implementation using channels and Go routines will also be explored.

here is a preview of what you’ll learn :< /h2>

  • Environment Setup
  • < Data Types /li>
  • Variables
  • Decision Making in Go
  • – Loops
  • Go Functions
  • – Structures
  • – Interfaces
  • Concurrency
  • Slices

be explored.

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