HACKING: THE NO-NONSENSE GUIDE: Learn Ethical Hacking Within 12 Hours! (Including FREE “Pro Hacking Tips” Infographic) (Cyberpunk Programming Series)

HACKING: THE NO-NONSENSE GUIDE: Learn Ethical Hacking Within 12 Hours! (Including FREE

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Learn How To Become A Hacker In Only 12 Hours…

What if you could learn how to stop attackers from hacking into your website or personal accounts. Imagine finding leaks inside large corporate companies and you can help them protecting their data [and make money]. What if you had access to everything on the internet by leveraging your superior hacking skills? Sounds good?

This is just a fraction of what you could do with Hacking in Kali Linux and we would love to show you how in just 12 Hours! Bullsh*t you say?

Here at Cyberpunk University, we believe that we have the ability to learn Hacking to anybody within 12 hours. We know how quite tricky it is to learn and be a master of any programming language or skill. Our team is comprised of professionals who have been in the industry of information technology for decades and our experience made us able to create information products such as this step-by-step guide. We took out all the NONSENSE and tell you what to do, and more important, HOW TO DO IT!

What will you find in this book:

-How to setup your new hacking environment
-How to use the Linux Terminal and master it’s functions
-How to be completely Anonymous online like the Pro’s
-How to setup NMAP
-Which tools the REAL hackers use to crack passwords
-How you can use multiple tools to gather information with Wireless Hacking
BONUS: The FREE Hacking: The No-Nonsense Pro Tips Infographic containing “The Newbie Hacking Index” & “Security Tools The Pro’s Use In Kali Linux”.

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