High In The Sky-Northamptonshire

High In The Sky-Northamptonshire
  • Hours and hours of fascinating photography
  • Each title in the series provides a seamless, panoramic aerial view Easy to install and extremely user friendly Hand tool to move the image in any direction
  • Measure tool to view co-ordinates or to measure the distance between two points
  • Zoom tool to zoom in and out interactively by moving the mouse up or down
  • Exceeds the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors’ current specifications

Although the CD-ROM package High in the Sky is not quite a replacement for that bird’s-eye view, it is certainly the next best thing. Produced by the well-known aerial photographers Getmapping, it includes detailed aerial views of everywhere from Avon to Worcestershire, via most of the counties in between.

It claims to come with photographs from “over half a million miles across the UK.” While exhaustively trawling through this footage might not be for everyone, the views will surely be appreciated for the aerial panoramas it gives of places that people know well.

The CD-ROM comes with a zoom function that allows the user to focus closely on specific points–you may even be able to pick out your own house on some of the more detailed footage. The software also allows you to measure the distance between two points on a photograph, so that you will be able to discern how long a particular walk or cycle ride may be (rather than exaggerating to make yourself feel fitter).

These features illustrate how the designers have cannily targeted the package as a natty gift item, which will surely be appreciated by many people who hitherto have been “difficult” to buy presents for. There is no longer any need to pick up the first paperback that comes to hand. Although the notion of looking at wide-open spaces through a computer screen, rather than getting out into them, may seem somewhat postmodern, this is definitely an entertaining package which will interest many people. —Toby Green

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