Jump Ahead 2000 Preschool Triple Pack

Jump Ahead 2000 Preschool Triple Pack
  • The complete 3 CD-ROM pack for your little preschooler
  • Contains Jump Ahead Toddlers, Nursery and Preschool 2000
  • Teacher approved software that supports the National Curriculum
  • Progress reports for Parents with adjustable difficulty levels
  • 27 different learning activities
  • 37 songs to encourage learning
  • Ages 2-5

Jump Ahead 2000: Nursery
A team of friendly animals invite you to climb aboard their bus as soon as you have installed this CD-ROM. Simply type in your name on a clipboard and the cheerful bus starts up and drives you into the town.

You can visit the bakery, which resembles an enormous pink birthday cake, go to the fire station or play on the merry-go-round. The imaginative town automatically generates all kinds of sounds from birds singing to noisy police car sirens and offers a number of fun educational games.

In the bakery, young children are invited to ice a cake. Each right move is praised and rewarded with stars. And in the fire station children can click around to match different objects–if they find two the same then the teddy bears can climb aboard the fire engine.

This CD-ROM is accompanied by catchy songs and there is always a friendly character to explain what you can do. As soon as you leave an area they always say how sorry they are to see you go.

Jump Ahead Nursery 2000 successfully creates a supportive and welcoming environment for learning. The on-screen activities will require some parental supervision at first but they are bound to help children (aged three to five years) learn to recognise sounds, shapes and lots of new colours. —Justin Hunt

Jump Ahead 2000: Pre-School
As soon as the bright pre-school train puffs its way out of the station, young children enter the magical world of Charlie the Cat and his friends.

Just move the mouse and Peter Polar bear starts swinging in a tree, Eleanor Elephant begins to skip and Charlie starts bouncing a ball. But the fun really starts when you go into the play school.

Here there are a whole host of educational activities to take part in. Cecil the Mouse clearly explains what is available and his instructions are easy to follow. If you click on the artist area, you can play an engaging game of numbers and all the time the friendly cartoon-like bear provides support and encouragement.

But the outstanding feature of Jump Ahead 2000: Preschool is the piano. Click on the piano and the rolls of music immediately unfold and the catchy songs begin. The quality of the singing is excellent and the words of the popular nursery rhymes appear at the same time–young children are guaranteed to love them.

This CD-ROM is full of incentives and you can even collect tickets if you do well to go on a special train ride. Packed with puzzles, high-quality songs and learning activities, this is probably one of the best examples of children’s software aimed at this age group. — Justin Hunt

Jump Ahead 2000: Toddlers
JumpStart Toddlers introduces young children to computer navigation and important skills that they can build upon in later years. Kids will have a great time playing the fun games and following the instructions given by colourful, interactive characters–and they won’t even realise that the software is educational.

With the help of their friendly guide, Giggles the Gopher, toddlers perform activities and learn valuable mouse skills. For example, in the activity “Give the Dog a Bone”, children must feed the dog by dragging items to his mouth with the mouse, while “Peek-a-Boo” requires children to move the mouse to uncover the item hidden behind the leaves. Other games help children recognise and identify letters, numbers, and shapes. A particularly pleasing activity allows kids to click on musical instruments to hear the sound they make.

JumpStart Toddlers is an excellent example of how to introduce kids gently to the world of possibilities a computer can bring. —Amazon.com

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