Learning Ladder: Pre-School

Learning Ladder: Pre-School
  • Supports Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum
  • Follows the latest Government Numeracy and Literacy initiatives
  • Provides a complete learning programme, across all the vital subjects – reading, writing, maths and the world around us
  • Children win stickers for correct answers, encouraged by a lively host, making the disc extremely motivating
  • Progress reports chart children’s progress in each of the topics
  • Features up to 300 exercises written by experienced teachers
  • Ages 3-5

Developed with experienced teachers, this disc provides the essential literacy and numeracy skills to give your child a head start at school. Developed with experienced teachers, this disc provides the essential literacy and numeracy skills to give your child a head start at school. Welcome to step one of Dorling Kindersley’s powerful curriculum-based learning system. Woody the pencil takes you on an incredible learning adventure involving: Stimulating Activities ò A huge variety of fun exercises ò Screens that monitor progress.

Main Features

  • Listening & Reading:- The Alphabet ò Phonics & Simple Spelling ò Making Words ò Reading Simple Words ò Building Vocabulary ò Handwriting
  • Numbers & Shapes:- Counting ò Matching Amounts ò Reading Numbers ò Understanding Shape ò Understanding Size ò Building Shape Patterns ò Memory Development
  • Where? When? What?:- Time – Clocks & Calendars ò Ordering Events ò Comparing Past & Present ò Position, Direction & Movement ò Sorting Objects ò Nature & Living Things
  • Learning Ladder Preschool supports the following:- National Curriculum in England, Wales and Northern Ireland ò Scottish 5-14 Curriculum Framework ò Irish Primary Curriculum

Learning Ladder Preschool is an excellent CD-ROM packed with a wide range of activities for 3-5 year olds. Woody the Pencil guides children through the different activities, which are very well explained.

Children will enjoy becoming familiar with the mouse and navigating around the room making toys move and change. They will also enjoy doing the different activities such as painting the colouring book, having a go at recording their voice, listening to a story, doing puzzles and much more.

By clicking on the different bears children can carry out activities related to words, numbers, time, directions/space, shapes and nature/objects. Each of these areas contains 18 different games for children to play, so there is plenty to keep them occupied. There’s also a good range of activities, many of which support the Early Years Curriculum at school. For example, there are activities that work on identifying sounds in words and on ordering, counting, matching, etc.

Children are rewarded with stickers when they complete an activity correctly and they will love collecting these in the sticker book. This would be an excellent buy for parents who want to introduce their child to using the computer in a fun and educational way. —Amanda York

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