Magix Notation 2

Magix Notation 2
  • 16 polyphone voices per stave
  • Practically unlimited number of staves per score
  • PC keyboard, mouse piano, matrix editor (incl. listening in)
  • Notes entered directly into the score with the mouse
  • Automatic display of changes to octaves
  • Apply accidentals, mute, suppression
  • Colored note display, various note heads
  • Fast, low-resolution display

Beethoven had to use a quill and ink, McCartney a biro and exercise book: with Fast Trak Notation 2 all you need is a computer, a good mouse and a decent printer and you’ll soon be notating your own music like a pro.

This software is very practical: the Fast Trak software writers have taken pains to make this package the ultimate home-composer’s helpmate. With Notation 2 you can do anything you like with your crotchet and staves: enter notes with the mouse piano or MIDI keyboard, import and external MIDI files and put them on the stave too; even transpose your real-time music into notation with a simple click.

You can also add lyrics, change stave formats, change stave sizes, get 16 different tunes on each stave, add drum notation, change time sequence and use the special guitar tablature; you can even print individual notes in different colours and add in the lyrics once you’ve completed your Top 10 hit. And for the really ambitious you can combine the various stave sheets into one symphonic whole: next stop the Royal Festival Hall.

Of course, all this computer wizardry isn’t going to make you the next Badly Drawn Boy, or even the next Harrison Birtwistle, but it makes the spadework a lot more fun. —Sean Thomas

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