My First Dictionary with My First ABC Book

My First Dictionary with My First ABC Book
  • Supports Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum
  • Children will learn the meanings of words and develop their vocabulary
  • Gain a solid knowledge of alphabetical order and letter recognition
  • Covers shapes, sizes and spatial awareness
  • Suitable for different levels of user
  • Ages 3-7

This superb, interactive My First Dictionary box set from Dorling Kindersley has been purposely designed so that very young children can use it to learn along with their parents, or alternatively, older children can use it alone. The age range therefore is quite broad, but it is aimed primarily at 3-7 year olds. Older children can use it to practice specific areas that may need extra work.

It’s been proven that a child’s learning becomes fun when it is presented in an entertaining, instructive and structured way (so they often learn without them even realising). My First Dictionary CD-ROM follow these rules. The easy-to-use games and activities, with more than 1,000 word definitions, are accompanied and supported by brightly coloured and appealing animations and narrations that will engage and interest children who are just learning to read, as well as those who have more advanced reading skills. Using this CD-ROM will help your child to learn the meaning of words, to practice spelling, to develop an awareness of relationships between words, to build vocabulary, to learn and extend PC skills (particularly mouse control), to acquire knowledge and practice alphabetical order, to recognise phonetic sounds, and to gain good, solid foundations in reading and spelling skills.

There are four easy-to-use word and sound games: “Spell It”, “Alphabet Scramble”, “Guess What?” and “What’s That Noise?”, all accessible via the menu. Particularly entertaining is the “Surprise Me!” game, accessible via the tool bar. In addition, dictionaries can be personalised, entries can be copied and printed, stars can be earned as rewards and stickers can be collected. The spelling activities have three levels of difficulty to test a range of abilities. The package is not accompanied by an instruction pamphlet, but simple instructions for installation are displayed on the CD-ROM itself and excellent help for parents on every aspect of the package can be accessed via the tool bar. Explanations and animations can be switched off for older children. —Susan Naylor

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