PC DJ Club Edition

PC DJ Club Edition
  • Instant start
  • 10 cue points per track
  • Pitch change and bend
  • Manual BPM extraction
  • Automatic tempo matching
  • Rip to MP3
  • Line-in recording
  • Quick play
  • Built-in virtual mixer

From Shoom to Cream, Taboo to the Ministry, the club scene of the last 20 years has earned a prominent place in modern musical history. With the stylish music-making software contained in PCDJ Club Edition you can make your bid to join that noble roll-call. The “dashboard” of this musical MX5 is a central console from which you can access all the other facilities available on disc. These allow you to sort your tracks by artist, beats-per-minute and title and create a playlist that you can set on autopilot if your frantic deejaying means you need a breather.

Other even more impressive tools allow you to monitor a number of channels at the same time, play two CDs at once, cue up the next grooves by sight and rip and encode others’ sounds into yours. And for the hardest of hardcore deejaying experiences, you can control all your doings with an external rackmount–making you feel like some musical Zeus looking down from DJ Olympus. Lastly, there are some “specially selected” three-minute tracks with great grooves, funky vibes and freaky beeping things, all set and waiting for you to come a spinnin’. —Sean Thomas

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