Personal Accountz (PC/Mac/Linux)

Personal Accountz (PC/Mac/Linux)
  • Control banks accounts, credit cards and loans
  • Track savings, investments and more
  • Automatic Direct Debit and Standing Order processing
  • Schedule recurring transactions
  • Import and convert MS Money files
  • Download and import Bank Statements
  • Manage assets and funds
  • Allocate and track Budgets to individual or multiple accounts
  • Create unlimited accounts and entries
  • Forecast up to a year ahead

Personal Accountz tracks your bank, credit cards, savings, loans and
shares in the simplest possible way. You can enter all your transactions
in the same window in any order so you can see exactly what you have
done. Your balances update in real time: you will always know what you
have in the bank, what you have left till the end of the month, whether
you will go overdrawn in the future, on what date, and by how much. With
automated direct debits and rapid data entry including a unique single
key press preset entries there is no faster way to keep on top. The
price includes Accountzs legendary free forum support for life.


Minimum system requirements:

Operating system:
Mac OS X 10.3+, Windows® 2000, XP or Vista, Linux

CPU type/speed:
Mac Power PC or Intel, Windows®/Linux 1GHz CPU


Additional requirements:
CD-ROM drive

Lowest Price:
Buy from Amazon

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