Python: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Python: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

This book is your ultimate guide to Python. Ever wanted to learn Python, either just for the fun of it, or because your new project/course/job demands it? Well, say goodbye to the endless hours of searching for going through online tutorials and guides! This book is your one-stop guide to learning all you need to know about this wonderful programming language, and get to coding in it!

This book is aimed at people with all sorts of expertise in the language. So you can be a complete beginner when it comes to programming, an adequate programmer or a pro, and this book shall serve you!

Here are some of the concepts of Python that you shall learn about from this book:
•What Python is
•Difference between Python 2.x and Python 3.x
•Setting up Python
•The basics of Python
•Conditional statements in Python
•Loops in Python
•Functions in Python
•File input/output in Python.

Every topic has been covered in an adequate amount of detail; not too much to get boring, and not so less as so to get confusing. Everything has been covered in order to give you a thorough and satisfactory understanding of the language in this book. So what are you waiting for? Dive right in!

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