Repeat Signage 2013 digital signage software – Professional Edition

Repeat Signage 2013 digital signage software - Professional Edition
  • Stand alone and remote updatable digital signage system
  • Touchscreen support
  • 4 monitor support
  • Presentation scheduling
  • Easy to use and learn

Repeat Signage 2013 is truly flexible digital signage software for Windows. It allows pixel-by-pixel control of displays including plasma screens, LCD monitors and projectors.

Professional Edition

This edition is designed to be used in organisations such as schools, retails outlets and businesses, where you would like to be able to update playing content from either your local network or the Internet. When Repeat Signage Standard plays a presentation from either a network drive or website, it will monitor that presentation and load a new version automatically when it detects that it has been changed. You can create a free account to help you update files over the Internet.

Within a presentation, you can schedule each control separately on either an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Plus you can schedule presentations to ran anytime.

You can now use the Standard Edition with to facilitate the remote updating of presentations and content files. is a free service to customers and evaluators of Repeat Signage which allows the creation of RSS feeds and well as allowing the hosting of Repeat Signage presentations and files centrally. Please visit for more information.

There is also access to the Webcam and PowerPoint presentation scheduler, Text block, Video and Webcam controls. There are 10 Flash clock designs and 2 Flash RSS designs.

An evaluation version is available from along with a comparison of the different editions.

Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

The Repeat Signage 2014 version is out now. There is a free upgrade via digital download for 2013 users. This item is discounted to sell off remaining 2013 stock.

Lowest Price: £299.00
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