Podcasting For Promotion, Positioning & Profit: Podcasting Book on How to Podcast and How to Create a World Class Podcast To Generate Free Traffic, Leads, Sales + Establish Expert Status

Podcasting For Promotion, Positioning & Profit: Podcasting Book on How to Podcast and How to Create a World Class Podcast To Generate Free Traffic, Leads, Sales + Establish Expert Status

“Podcasting for Promotion, Positioning and Profit is your blueprint to podcasting success!   Kris is a master at helping business owners position themselves to stand out from the crowded marketplace and attract a loyal following of customers.  If you want to differentiate yourself and become an authority with a thriving podcast, then get this book!”

~ Lewis Howes , Ranked by Incomediary.com’s  “50 Most Influential People in Blogging.”

About the Book:
-Are you looking for a way to generate consistent leads, traffic, and sales for your business?
-Do you want to stand out form your Competition and Become the Celebrity of Your Niche ?

Then Podcasting for Promotion, Positioning, and Profit IS your guide to showing you How to Podcast and tap into over 600,000,000 affluent buyers and over 1 Billion Podcast Subscribers to have your standing out as The Expert In your space.

In this book you’ll learn:
— How to Podcast – Top 10 Reason for Any Business
— Why it is Vital that you have 2-3 Mediums In Your Marketing Going
Forward; Podcasting, Video, & Blogging
— How to Stand out with a Podcast? 3500 Blogs to 1 Podcast as a Woman
— How to Be Discovered from a Podcast = More Media, More Exposure, More Business
— How to Craft a Unique Podcast  – Unique Process for Success
— How to Craft a Unique Title, Cover Art, Program to Stand Out
Step by Step process on how to record, edit produce and launch your podcast
— How to Increase traffic to your Website from 40-500% increase
— How to Market Your podcast with what you’re already doing
— How to Monetize your Podcast to 6 Figures
— and tons more!


With the coaching and advice I received from Kris, I was able to craft a show that got attention. In just four weeks of launching my podcast my website traffic increased by 500 percent and my email subscriptions increased dramatically.   If you are serious about using a podcast to promote and brand your business, Kris is the one you need to help you get it done.

~ Wess Murray, NY Fitness Expert, Essentially Fit Podcast

My podcast “The Money Pillow” is averaging around 2000 + downloads a day and I can honestly say if it wasn’t for the expert guidance and help I got from Kris I wouldn’t be getting the same results. She knows this medium better than anyone else I know and her advice and direction is 100 percent responsible for my shows success ! In less than two weeks, I received sponsorship offers & I’m excited to turn this podcast into my next “Money Pillow”

~ Sean Malarkey- Marketing Expert & Lifestyle Entrepreneur – The Money Pillow Podcast

People are subscribing to my email opt-in and taking the seven-day free trial membership and continuing on as paid members too! I highly recommend this program to any author, speaker, coach,entrepreneur or business owner who wants to launch an audio or video podcast.

~ Rhonda Del Boccio, Book Publishing Expert, CA   – The Author Adventure Podcast –

My audience has doubled since I started podcasting! And  I had 16,502 hits on my website in November! Thank you Kris for all you taught me in your Podcasting Pro System!

~ Stephanie Mann, CA – Safe Kids Now Podcast

I’d never done any podcasting (or broadcasting of any kind) before, & using her system I was able to go from ZERO to LAUNCH in two weeks.   Kris has cut through all of the confusion out there about podcasting to create a world-class resource that can help you achieve your goals .   She’s done everything for you but create your content. I highly recommend her!

~ Melanie St. Ours, Health Expert – Creative Wellness Podcast

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NLP: NLP TECHNIQUES: HYPNOTIC LANGUAGE PATTERNS to Easily Attract More Success (PLUS: FREE BONUS AUDIOBOOK) (NLP books, NLP sales, sales techniques, NLP techniques, NLP Book 4)

NLP: NLP TECHNIQUES: HYPNOTIC LANGUAGE PATTERNS to Easily Attract More Success (PLUS: FREE BONUS AUDIOBOOK) (NLP books, NLP sales, sales techniques, NLP techniques, NLP Book 4)

FREE Hypnosis Audiobook Included! Reprogram Your Mind As You Listen ***DON’T MISS*** Another Chance to Influence More People, Attract More Customers, and Be More Successful! Take Control of Your Audience’s Subconscious Mind with these Easy Hypnotic Language Patterns Today!

Many People Find that Life Gets So Much Easier With these Simple Patterns! The only thing you’ll regret is not using them sooner!

Are You Ready to take your Communication, Career, and Life to the Next Level? Mastering the Art of Communication with these simple Hypnotic Language Patterns Can Get You There More Quickly!

This book contains proven steps and strategies on using NLP Hypnotic Language Patterns to instantly hypnotize others to create more effective, influential, and alluring communication.

Whether you’re speaking to a crowd or individual in person, writing text on a website, sending an email, speaking over the phone, or something else entirely, these proven hypnotic language patterns will create a more powerful effect over your audience’s subconscious mind than you’ve ever had before!

You might be a CEO, in sales or marketing, or another profession entirely— no matter your profession, these Hypnotic Language Patterns will create more influence and power in your communication with others. They can be used in a work setting, in a casual setting with friends or family, and even on yourself!

Why do they work though?
It’s easy to memorize a few key words and phrases, but understanding how our subconscious responds to these patterns will help you truly master them so you can create your own on the fly.

Hypnotic Language Patterns rely heavily on presuppositions.
In Linguistics, a presupposition is an implicit assumption that’s indirectly related to the main idea of the sentence. A presupposition is assumed to be true by the subconscious mind, because of how the sentence is structured. That might sound vague now, but you’ll understand it perfectly after reading the chapter on presuppositions.

I’m excited you’ve decided to join me and explore the quickest, easiest and most effective techniques for creating influential language! NLP is a fascinating and powerful subject, and I look forward to exploring it together in the coming pages!

This book is intended to be straightforward and to the point in providing a value-packed, clear and concise step-by-step guide with

40+ examples of hypnotic language patterns, and instructions on how to create your own.

All of the techniques that are provided are powerful, useful, and flexible; they can be adapted to almost any life situation!

Have fun trying out the techniques, as this is how you will get the most out of them. The more you practice, the easier and easier these patterns will get.

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn:

  • What is NLP?
  • What are Hypnotic Language Patterns?
  • How can Hypnotic Language Patterns Help Me?
  • Why these Patterns Work: The Power of Presuppositions
  • 40+ Examples You Can Use Today
  • Examples Broken Down: Why Each One Works
  • Instructions of Creating Your Own Hypnotic Language Patterns
  • When Can I Use These Patterns?
  • Much, Much More!

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You Deserve More Success, Happiness, and Hypnotic Language Patterns Can Get You There More Quickly!

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