Buy It, Sell It, Make Money:Your Guide to Finding and Reselling Luxury Goods Online

Buy It, Sell It, Make Money:Your Guide to Finding and Reselling Luxury Goods Online

“Why struggle and live paycheck to paycheck when you can open up the door that will change your life? Buy It, Sell It, Make Money is about buying and spending wisely to recession proof your life. It is not about clipping coupons to save twenty cents on a bottle of ketchup. It’s about increasing your buying power and living richly without risky investments, real estate schemes or a million dollar paycheck.

Buy It, Sell It, Make Money reveals secrets the family has used over the last forty years to acquire luxury goods by reselling items to earn a profit employing their unique Flipster System. This field guide teaches you how to:

Spend wisely to increase your buying power
Resell goods for profit to have the financial freedom
Pay pennies on the dollar for both new and secondhand, name-brand goods
Negotiate prices
Buy high-end goods in secret places
Live life richly without a huge paycheck

Anyone can achieve financial independence with zero start up cost. Become a Flipster with Buy It, Sell It, Make Money, and carefully build your own personal wealth as you live a more rewarding and fulfilling life—starting today!”

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How to Sell Digital Products On Ebay: Selling Ebooks on Ebay (Make Money Online)

How to Sell Digital Products On Ebay: Selling Ebooks on Ebay (Make Money Online)

Did you know you can sell digital goods on eBay? You can sell items like photographs, MP3 files, eBooks (PDF and other formats), and more. This book will show you how to sell digital products on eBay. When selling eBooks you will need to follow the new eBay rules, which are discussed in detail in this book.

This book covers the following:
Changes to the eBay Stores
Casual eBay Sellers
Opening an eBay Store
Benefits of running an eBay Store
How do you open an eBay Store?
How to place an ad on eBay
Best times to list eBay items for sale
How long should you list your products for sale
How should you sell your eBooks for on eBay
How much does “print on demand” companies charge
Your eBay Digital Product Ad disclaimers
Negative Feedback
Sales Funnels for eBay sales

This book will help you make money by selling digital products, such as eBooks, on eBay.

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Amazon Email List Hack: How to Build Your Author Platform and Sell More Books on Amazon

Amazon Email List Hack: How to Build Your Author Platform and Sell More Books on Amazon

Are your books selling like you really wanted?

Chances are you love writing books and that is easy and effortless but what is happening after you hit the publish button and you wait for the sales to kick in?

For you and most authors, that’s where the dream ends; as you wake up to the daunting reality of seeing your book just sitting and collecting some digital dust on Amazon or other online book store where you made it available for sales.

You know how to write a book, how to publish your work but there is a missing piece of the puzzle – how you can possibly be noticed in the sea of 3 million competing titles.

This book puts an end to the confusion and shares the proven, systematic way to take a book from book and even you as an author from the pit of obscurity to the limelight of been seen and noticed by the people who are the exact people who you will like to call your loyal book audience.

It does not matter whether you write non-fiction, how-to books, poetry, obscure fiction genres, romance, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, or literary novels – this system works.

It works because you are finally able to attract the right readers, and build your relationship with them direct, without relying on anyone else and by anyone else, I mean book ad and promotion sites and if you should know how hard it is today to get these few “magic performing” sites to take your money in exchange for blasting your book deal to their loyal book buying subscribers and with what you will learn in this course, you don’t need to beg or pay anyone to promote your books when you’ve got the right audience built over time that can give you the same result .

The best part?

You don’t need to put a new book out every 6 weeks to keep visibility high – because you’ve already built up your own direct platform.

In short, you finally have a way to more effectively market the books you already have – and capitalize on the work you have already done – as well as skyrocket your results when you launch your next book.

You spend months bleeding over your keyboard to get your book ready for prime time – you should not have to spend the rest of your free time trying to figure out what marketing and promotion strategies work.

And you don’t have to. What you will learn in this book is a system you can use that works – regardless of the types of books you write.

This book is specifically for people WITHOUT an established “audience” in the form of a big email list or social media following and it work you through the step-by-step what’s required to get more visibility for you and your book, build a loyal fan base of your target book readers, build your author platform and sell more books.

You will learn:

-How to use your books to grow your email list, build your audience and grow your platform
-How to leverage Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes and other online book stores to build your author platform and audience as well as email list.
-A new way to see Amazon and why it’s the big gorilla holding the key to building your audience base and growing your email list
-A Simple Step By Step Guide To Using Amazon As An Email List and Audience Building Tool
-Three things and Strategies You need to focus on To Build Your Author Platform and Audience Base.

95% of other self-published authors don’t know or don’t execute on these tactics, so you’ll have a huge
advantage and be able to win the top positions — and the authority and income that come with it.
Ready to begin your journey to finding your book audience, building your loyal book audience and creating the platform that will sell your books and take your writing career to the next level?

Get a copy of this book and let’s get started!

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