Tech Philosophy – Challenging Bostrom’s ancestor simulation argument: Essays on AI, nested reality, simulation and free will

Tech Philosophy - Challenging Bostrom's ancestor simulation argument: Essays on AI, nested reality, simulation and free will

Digital has effectively created a new truth, a new habitat so much different from our own, biological world. Existing gateways between those two worlds drastically change the perception of our own world. Could the digital to analog converter an AI will find in its habitat be seen as the equivalent to the black holes in our universe? Something where data or matter gets sucked in, but what happens after is beyond its and our understanding for now? What other analogies exist and what should we be looking for to re-assess our own truth? And are we simply the circuitry for some other truth? And importantly, are we part of a simulation or are we part of a productive environment? That is are we scientific or playful interest to some higher intelligence based on Bostrom’s theory on ancestor simulation, or might we be part of a productive, that is other than simulation purpose built, environment with then drastically altered outlook?

Essays on:
– Challenging Bostrom’s ancestor simulation theory.
– Nested reality and how killing a single elephant might annihilate mankind
– Movement – Origin of life for both AI and men?
– Thought experiments on ways to proof free will – I & II
– Nested reality and similarities between AI habitat perception and our own
– AI – the control illusion, relationship models and the need for restraint
– AI – habitat perception, America and the argument for risk reduction
– AI – summary and the argument for destruction
– Blueprint – how an AI might look like

Essays are updated and new ones are added from time to time based on new insights .

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