The Times GCSE Biology 2003/2004 Syllabus (Full National Curriculum)

The Times GCSE Biology 2003/2004 Syllabus (Full National Curriculum)
  • Personal Tutoring Step by Step
  • Revise using text, diagrams, interactive animations, and voiceovers
  • Section tests assess how much you’ve learned
  • Over 1400 interactive questions
  • Past paper questions with full model answers
  • Internet link gives details on this and other products in the range

The Times Revision Series GCSE Biology is an easy-to-use and very well put together revision aid that uses Explorer and Netscape browsers. It covers 20 subject areas all based on the GCSE 2003/4 syllabus and includes tests for each topic.

It allows children to use the study plan wizard to create their own revision schedule according to their exam board, syllabus and time available. Children can choose to focus on areas of weakness, work sequentially through units of work or devise their own personal plan. Detailed reports show the child how they are doing and whether their revision schedule is on track.

The syllabus is covered in short units which are taught through explanations with text, diagrams and interactive activities. Questions take the form of multiple choice, labelling diagrams, analysis of tables graphs and text.

Children can also study examination techniques and practice these skills. There are exam practice papers covering 6 exam boards with 66 mock questions. Children can also customise their own tests from the data base of questions. Model answers are given.

The Times Revision Series GCSE Biology would be a very good buy for anyone needing help with their revision for this exam. —Amanda York

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