THE TOP 10 CYBER CAREERS: And what it takes to get one!

THE TOP 10 CYBER CAREERS: And what it takes to get one!

When it comes to getting into the world of cyber security, there can be a lot to think about and consider. For a start, the range of jobs can be daunting, and the requirements and tasks for each role may vary quite a bit. In this eBook, though, you will finally get some help in making that decision.

Inside you will be given access to easily understandable content that should help you understand what various roles might be open to you within the world of cyber security.

The days of hoping for a job to come along and to give you the help that you need has long since passed – now you have to find the role that suits you best.

I have broken down the Top 10 of the best jobs out there for the cyber security niche so that you can see what the general roles of each expert might be.

My aim is that the high-level insight in this book would help you to understand better what each position might ask of you, what you have to be good at, and the potential monetary reward or median salary at the time of writing. Also, this eBook will help you to understand and appreciate the challenges that may come with any chosen path.

Overall this book is designed to help you with the following:
•Entering into a job that you like and is hopefully a right fit. I have given an explanation of the typical duties for each role so you can make better a decision.
•Breaking down the general requirements to get into that any of the Top 10 cyber roles. The Top 10 roles highlighted are not “stand-alone” career paths so sometimes you may need to pick one job from the list to try and get to the next one.
•A detailed and comprehensive breakdown of the best jobs as well as the layers of authority within this kind of career path. You will know your future clients and the services that you may provide to these customers.
•Understand and appreciate the nuances between roles as well as get to understand the challenges associated with efficient management of your plans moving forward.
•Let you take into account the most challenging factors and requirements including certifications required for a cyber role.

This ebook is a must-read for anyone who wants quick, digestible and easy to follow information about a challenging, exciting, and future-looking career path.

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