Website Design Computer Programming Software for Kids (Ages 10+) – Learn to Code HTML & CSS – Learn How to Create a Website – DIY Website Coding for PC, Mac & Linux

Website Design Computer Programming Software for Kids (Ages 10+) - Learn to Code HTML & CSS - Learn How to Create a Website - DIY Website Coding for PC, Mac & Linux
  • CREATE A PERSONAL WEBSITE: The Simply Coding Intro to Websites curriculum focuses on using HTML and CSS to create a fully functioning website kids can use for hosting a blog, sharing videos or even for their new personal programming page!
  • COMPREHENSIVE CURRICULUM: Offering step-by-step instructions supported by video reviews, online support and live Q&A, our unique programming coursework offers kids ages 10 and up the chance to learn a valuable skill while improving their science, math and reasoning skills.
  • STEM CLASSROOM & HOMESCHOOL APPROVED: Each Simply Coding has been designed by advanced programmers and approved by school systems all over the country. Found in after school programs and course catalogs, this course is a STEM approved curriculum that’s both fun and educational. Your kid has done Scratch, Khan Academy,, Codecademy, Hour of Code and now this is the NEXT STEP!
  • VALUABLE SKILL BUILDING: Websites are universally one of the most important personal and professional brand building choices in business today. When your child learns how to use HTML and CSS to build their own website, that knowledge can one day extend to blogs, ecommerce sites and so much more!
  • PC, MAC & LINUX: Our programs offer extended platform support and reduced system requirements so everyone can enjoy programming. Just access our online course via the registration code, create an account, and use our videos and tutorials to learn how to design websites with HTML and CSS.

Expand your child’s STEM education with an in-depth course designed to teach them how to use HTML and CSS to create a personal website.

From a mom-and-pop shop in the middle of Kansas to a Fortune 500 corporation in New York City, a website is key to brand building and long-term business sustainability. That’s why Simply Coding has created a unique curriculum for your child designed to teach them HTML and CSS; two major components in website creation. Boasting easy-to-follow directions and fun, hands on challenges, our program lets children build, expand and grow their very own website.

Product Details:

  • Learn HTML and CSS for Website Building
  • 15-Hour Course
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Video Review Sessions
  • Online Support and Forum Communication
  • Compatible with PC, Mac and Linux
  • No Programming Skills Required
  • Ages 10+

ATTENTION: Each box contains a registration code with access to our online class. Register your code by visiting our website and creating an account, and you’ll receive exclusive access to online videos and tutorials.

Get the comprehensive course that teaches your child how to create their own website by using HTML and CSS. Click ‘Add to Cart’ above to challenge their STEM education!

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