WordPress Masterbook 2017: Making a WordPress website from scratch

WordPress Masterbook 2017: Making a WordPress website from scratch

This book is a pre-release editing of a book for students that was originally made for students who have previously attended Workshops with Dorcas.
This book is aimed at WordPress beginners, not professional website developers, and covers the basics that you need to know when creating your first WordPress website. The free theme, Virtue, has a special section in this book.

Important: This version has been released early and free, especially for Masters students at the UCD Smurfit School. As such, while the information is correct, there may be some layout ugliness and grammatical errors in this book.

Topics Include:
– Recommended Themes
– Creating/Editing Pages
– Blogging and Categories
– Links to recommended sites with free images
– Adding Pictures (while thinking about SEO)
– Embedding (including Google maps and YouTube videos)
– Creating Menus and Adding links to the Navigation Menu
– Users and Admin access
– Recommended Plugins (e.g. Social Media Sharing)
– Intro to WooCommerce (best E-Commerce plugin)
– Backing up your WordPress website

Topics NOT Included: Creation of Themes/plugins. Editing code. SSL Certificates. Paid-for themes/plugin information.

Dorcas Réamonn is a lecturer of ‘Digital Technology and Design’ in the UCD Smurfit School, a trainer and consultant with Talentpool, founder of Zonua. As well as WordPress-related courses, Dorcas teaches in image/video editing, SEO and Digital marketing.

To contact Dorcas quickly, look for @zonua on Twitter. Suggestions on improvements to future editions of this book are most welcome.

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